A baby experience larger than life by Vito Di Bari

Are you ready for the future? If the answer is no, then you’re wrong! The future is already here, we see it in every technological innovation that appears daily, in the use of drones, virtual assistance and the improvement of retail. The future and innovation is in every step we take. Retail companies have been evolving a little bit more in order to provide the best user experience for their customers. Are you ready to know a little bit more?

Next Trends in Retail that will shape the future of the user experience

Some of the most common questions I have been asked at conferences I have attended have been: why is retailing dynamic? and, why is it changing so fast? The answer to these questions is simple, retailing is dynamic because consumer habits have diversified.

Sales depend entirely on the buyers. If the trade remains static then it loses the reach and value of its products. The trade must be constantly moving and innovating to keep up with its buyers, so it moves forward and evolves rapidly.

What paradigms are causing the change in retailing?

Retailing has many challenges. One of them is to keep up with its buyers, innovate and, at the same time, maintain and increase its visitors. Generally, we tend to fear change. However, change and innovation is what will determine the permanence of the trade in the market. We are a society that, although generally reluctant to change, has an impressive facility to adapt to new trends.

What are the next trends in retail?

The future will be full of impressive experiences like the one that happened in Chicago, USA. By placing exact replicas of the stroller in the public, the company managed to answer all the questions of concerned parents. The great user experience allowed customers to experience something that could only be found in the imagination of science fiction writers.

Is the future of retailing sustainable over time?

Some companies are more than willing to take risks when it comes to staying “in style”. They will do everything they can to keep their customers on the edge of their chairs and asking for more. This was the case with the company “Contour”, which is known for its baby carriages. I decided to call this event XXP, because the parents could have a bigger experience than life itself

Providing a good user experience is the main challenge for retail in the future. In the case of the company “Contour” they made the most of current innovations and managed to show their customers that they offer only quality products by creating a large-sized baby carriage for parents to try out, something innovative and certainly personalized

Vito Di Bari, futuristic scholar

As a futuristic scholar and speaker, my goal is to make the world’s entrepreneurs see that the future is already here. This new world full of technological and industrial innovations will allow us to achieve many more benefits than they can imagine. Not being afraid of the future is the first step.

Are you ready to experience the future of retail?


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