A Day in 2030: Healthcare and the future by Vito Di Bari

Though currently we have a wide variety of technological advances, it is almost impossible not to wonder what the future will look like. Who wouldn’t want to know what a Day in 2030 would be? What we do know is that a lot can happen in a decade. The most innovative futuristic trends are undoubtedly augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence. They will generate great changes in medicine: from imaging, to diagnosis and surgery. Everything will change for the better, and so we must prepare for what is to come.

The technological evolution in healthcare

Nowadays, carrying out activities remotely has become the norm. Many do not realize that this is the beginning of the changes that the future has planned for us. This type of technology will evolve so much in the next decade that even medicine will be part of it.

Apart from the many devices that will allow medical examinations, we will be able to receive remote visits from our doctors for general consultations. Some of the technological innovations of the future include smart mugs capable of checking our health on a daily basis. On the other hand, we will see the existence and usefulness of nanochips. These will be embedded in bandages and will have the ability to scan us in a non-invasive way.

The next technological trends are Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

A.I. is another kind of technology that, a futurist keynote speaker like me, knows is here to stay. This does not mean that it will replace doctors, only that it will facilitate the discovery and diagnosis of some conditions. This could be seen when it was tested in the radiology area, although the work of radiologists is vital, the AI was able to identify images that the doctor could not. The important thing is not that AI can be more or less efficient than we are, but that we can work together and achieve more optimal results.

As far as Augmented Reality is concerned, this type of technology will allow doctors to follow up their patients more closely without them having to risk leaving home.

A Futurist Keynote about Healthcare

In my futurist keynote on healthcare, I show my audience the wide variety of technological innovations that will exist a decade from now. This doesn’t mean that such technology is not already in process, but that at that time it will be at its peak and in full use. We must live in the present, yes, but we cannot ignore the fact that the future brings wonderful technologies and advances that will facilitate many tasks. The area of health is one of the most important and to know that innovation will be this impressive in 2030 is really exciting. Are we ready to receive the future? If the answer is no, then what are we waiting for to make big changes? Now is the perfect time.


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