Convenience Marketing is the new Marketing by Vito Di Bari

Nowadays, it is undeniable that Convenience Marketing is the new marketing. But why exactly are we saying this? Simple… For a few years now, marketing has been changing its skin and soul. The relationship with the consumer has been getting closer and closer. To such an extent that, in the future, we will work directly with the customer.

The new generation seeks to have a much closer relationship with the people who sell the products they want. This closeness makes competition more intense, making it necessary to resort to extreme experiences, as we have seen in recent years. Emerging technologies will also cause great changes in the way we see and handle marketing today. We must be aware of the new trends that will be part of the future.

The Future of Advertising Trends in Convenience Marketing

The next advertising trends of the future will alternate between creative and purely technological experiences. Working together with other companies is also an excellent marketing strategy, as both can benefit from this partnership. We saw this example when Volvo decided to join with Microsoft’s HoloLens. The mix of augmented reality and the most awe-inspiring, technological cars on the market, caused a sensation in the audience.

While many companies have used fun experiences as advertising, such as Ikea with their adult sleepover, or as TNT in Amsterdam with their drama button, many other companies have focused on working with emerging technologies to improve their marketing. It all depends on the audience you want to reach.

The Next Emerging Technologies

In order to keep track of upcoming emerging technologies, I created a marketing arrow and presented it for the first time at the EXMA. This marketing arrow shows how technological advances have and will change business and marketing for the better. If there is one thing I am sure of, it is that all the changes and improvements that will come in the future will allow us to increase sales and quality of life.

Some of the major emerging technologies include:

  • Digital transformation
  • The Internet of Things
  • Ubiquitous Cloud
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Connected robots
  • Smart Cities.

All these innovations are being applied right now, even though many do not know it. However, in the future their use will be much more noticeable and necessary. Currently, the digital transformation is moving forward without stopping. No matter what situation we are in, the future will not stop and neither will we.

A Business Trend by Futurist Keynote Speaker Vito Di Bari

Whether talking to the audience in an auditorium at a futurist keynote, or through a screen at a virtual event, the future is a topic that has always fascinated me. Being a futurist keynote speaker not only allows me to encourage others to succeed, but also fills me with knowledge in many fields. My keynotes are based on a solid scientific approach that includes the discovery of new technologies and reveals a detailed forecast of medium-term business trends. At my futurist keynote at EXMA, I wanted to be able to present to my entire audience how emerging technologies have been changing business trends since time immemorial. No matter how simple certain applications we see now may be, they were once total innovations that were shaping the present we have now and will shape the future we hope for so much. The question we have to ask ourselves is, are we ready for the future?

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