A Pop-Up Car Store Virtual Experience By Vito Di Bari

The technological advance we have experienced in the last 20 years may have been almost visible. However, with the advent of the millennium, came a wave of innovative emerging technologies that invaded our entire world without us noticing. Our concept of reality was modified with the appearance of virtual reality, where we can do great things through a screen.

Virtual reality is a technology that allows you to experience situations without having to be physically present. It is immersive, so it provides the experience in a complete way and it is as if it transports you to other places and situations.

These technological innovations aim to significantly improve sales and the buyer/seller relationship. Little by little, different industries are getting into this type of technology and, for now in the automotive industry, one of the pioneers is the Ford Company.

Virtual Reality in the main industries

Remember how in the past we had to go the official dealerships to obtain the information about the products that we needed? Now we can simply go to these pop-up stores to review the car’s characteristics and specifications. All this is possible thanks to Virtual Reality.

The future of the automotive industry

The automotive retail environment has changed dramatically from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach, where consumers increasingly make purchase decisions based on experience.

With this first Ford Pop-Up store, a different retail environment is created where consumers can discover a new reality that will change the way they buy cars through Virtual Reality.

Augmented reality in automotive companies

Pop-up virtual reality stores are convenient for car companies as this allows them to open dealerships anywhere in the world. On the other hand, customers have the opportunity to experience something much less common than the average test drive.

How to fully enjoy these types of experiences can vary from company to company. In some cases, it is a requirement to wear special lenses that allow you to be absorbed into the world of virtual reality. However, the future has different plans for us. One of the main ideas is to be able to use any type of screen in our path to enjoy the benefits that virtual and augmented reality offers us.

Experience a virtual journey to boost sales

These Pop-up stores offer endless opportunities. Thanks to this innovation from the Ford dealer in Malaysia, potential customers are sent on a virtual immersion trip where they will learn about the car’s features, see its inner workings and feel the cool breeze running through their hair.

Since the future is already here, it is important to know about technological innovations and how they will affect our daily lives. The conferences on the future of the automotive industry will allow you to get to know a world full of possibilities. Are you ready for the future?


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