Elevators will go Wireless by Vito Di Bari

Remember that magical elevator ride at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? All the kids wished they could take the same exciting trip, now construction companies can make these dreams come true.

The new “Multi” elevator from ThyssenKrupp, the elevator of the future

The ThyssenKrupp “Multi” elevator has a system with implicit cabins that run in loops and move thanks to a set of brakes of several levels. The brakes are connected to the central systems of the elevator and send data to a wireless network between the units and the control center that allows better functionality.

New design models for buildings

That’s is with MULTI, the world’s first rope-free lift. By moving multiple cars in a single shaft vertically and horizontally, MULTI opens the door to new possibilities – in all directions!

Thyssenkrupp’s revolutionary wireless horizontal and vertical lift syste has been awarded the 2018 Innovation Award at the first annual conference of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH), held at Chicago’s Aqua Tower.

Wireless elevators introduce a new set of possibilities to the construction industry. In the elevator world, wireless really means there are no limits.

Notorious differences with today’s elevators

The main differences we will notice will be: the fact that they do not need wires for their movement, the ease of moving in different directions, the space and time savings in their journey. Just to name a few.  The now permitted lateral movement has the potential to change architecture as we know it, by building connections between huge skyscrapers as the subway lines of a city do.

Futuristic Architecture in Building Creation

The good thing about technological innovation is that it does not discriminate against sectors or industries. Architecture will also benefit from new creations. The new “Multi” elevator from ThyssenKrupp has features such as turning and rotating gears, plus the cabins moving horizontally and vertically. This creation shows that advanced technology is invading every space in our lives, it is definitely the elevator of the future

Advantages of wireless elevators

With all the variations that this type of novel elevator includes, not only in design but in construction, the future of building structures will also be optimized. Some of the advantages of this new invention range from the reduction of waiting time, such as the connection between buildings that was not possible before. This wireless system is not only remotely controlled but also saves both time and space.

Vito Di Bari, Futurist Keynote Speaker and his vision of the construction industry

As a futuristic speaker, Vito demonstrates how technologies have advanced to such a level that even the regular use of wireless elevators is being planned. As a visionary of technological innovations, he is sure that the construction industry will continue to surprise us more and more every day.


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