Ford Vending Machine by Vito Di Bari

Did you ever imagine that buying a car could be as easy as ordering a soda from a vending machine? The future of the automotive industry is achieving this and much more.

The Ford Company has created a large-scale vending machine where you can choose the car of your choice to take for a spin and eventually even buy it. This automotive company is one of the few that has dared to use technological innovations to create a unique and out of the ordinary experience.

China is the Queen of Technology

Vending machines are everywhere. However, one country stands out for having the most—China. This Asian country is a pioneer in technological innovation and has managed to make most purchases possible using only your telephone. Now, speaking of companies, the Ford Company is considered to be one of the boldest when it comes to using technology to its advantage. Want to know a little more about what I mean? Keep reading!

A machine that sells cars

By teaming up with the renowned car rental company, Alibaba Group, Changan Ford presented a novel strategy. Together they created a huge car vending machine. This new innovation was called the Super Test-Drive Center. Located in the city of Guangzhou, the “Super Test-Drive Center” is a kind of digital vending machine that allows the user to virtually choose the car of their preference and arrange a test drive. 

In its inventory, you can find up to 10 different models including: Mustang, Mondeo, Taurus, Everest and Explorer. If you want to test these incredible cars, you must download the Tmall app to your phone. There, you will be able to enter your data and then choose both the model and the date of test drive.

The Tmall app requests a series of requirements for its use, such as having a high social credit score. This score must be approximately 700 or higher. It also requires a monthly payment, and at the time of registration, a photo must be taken to facilitate facial recognition by the vending machine. All of this is to ensure safety and avoid security problems.

New Technological Opportunities for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the most inclined to use technological innovations in order to increase sales considerably. These companies are among the most daring in terms of advertising and forms of purchase in the world. They always seek to do the unimaginable, to surprise and capture the attention of their consumers. And this is exactly what Ford’s Chinese headquarters has demonstrated.

Behind this new automotive trend is the use of highly advanced Artificial Intelligence, a technology which attracts customers to test before buying, which in turn fuels marketing performance.

Vito Di Bari, Speaker and Technological Visionary in the Automotive Industry

In my lectures on the automotive industry, I explain how technology facilitates purchasing processes. The use of technological innovations enables growth in various industries, allowing them to gradually become industries that support sustainability. The future is already here, we just have to achieve it and not let it get out of hand.

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