We Need a New Educational Model by Vito Di Bari

When I visited the Dominican Republic I was not only able to show the Dominican audience my projection of what the future will be like, but we were also able to analyze their economic, technological, and educational systems together. The digital transformation is different in each country, in theory everything has to do with the way technology has developed and its adoption by society. Let’s develop this a little bit more.

A Vision of Education by Futurist Keynote Speaker Vito Di Bari

Having the opportunity to talk with the president of the Dominican Republic was very helpful. There is nothing better than reporting directly to the country’s leader about the changes that need to be made in society. According to the prediction I have about the future, it is necessary to change our educational models. This transformation should not only be made in the DR, but at a global level.

The main reason is that, just as the construction, automotive, and retail industries have used technology to their benefit, the educational system must adapt to new teachings to have a better vision of the future. We can’t just stick with today’s trends. No. We have to look beyond and analyze how technology will change the way we perform various tasks, and even our way of thinking.

The New Generation is the Foundation of our Future

Yes, taking care of the whole of society is 100% necessary. However, there is one part of society that we must pay more attention to—young people. You may ask why young people specifically? Well, that’s a simple answer.

If young people do not feel motivated and protected, then our future will collapse before our eyes. They are the foundation on which we will build the future. We can simply limit them, refusing to consider their value in the workplace, but this would prevent future progress. We would not have these people in charge of handling the technological innovations that are getting created every day.

In fact, we would not have any more technological innovation. At least not in the quantity necessary to advance and further improve our quality of life. The future is in the hands of this new generation, raised in the digital age. We must take care of them.

With the Future, Comes Change.

“2 children out of 3 who enter elementary school will end up working in completely new types of jobs that do not yet exist. Fifty percent of the knowledge acquired during a four-year technical degree will be outdated by the time students get to graduate.” This is a reality, it has been a reality for many years, and yet we continue to ignore it.

The main reason this happens is simply because we are afraid of the future. And, this must end. We have to look at the future with eyes full of excitement and hope, because the future will come. There is no stopping it.

According to psychologist Daniel Kahneman, the phenomenon of the status quo bias says that anyone in a situation prefers that a situation remain as it is. This is what we must change. Not everyone is an enthusiast of modifications, but it is a fact from which we cannot escape. The best we can do is prepare for what is to come, catch up on new technological trends, change our business models, and create a new educational model where we prepare young people to sustain our future


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