Alexa-Integrated Vehicles by Vito Di Bari

Voice control systems in cars is not new to the industry. For almost two decades, some cars have had this type of system among their features. However, this feature has never been as efficient as it is now. Since the emergence of home voice systems, such as Siri and Alexa, the technological advances seen in this area have grown significantly. Now, it will be possible to use Alexa in our own car, along with all the incredible features it offers.

Safety is a Fundamental Part of the Future of Automotive  

The technological innovations of the future are aimed at ensuring the safety of people in the performance of various tasks, and the automotive industry is very clear about this. That’s why they are always creating or modifying their products with the intention of offering the greatest possible security to their buyers, whether it be economic or physical.

Integrating voice systems into our cars allows us to verify that everything is ok in our home without having to hold the phone in our hands to make calls. Also, with this type of system, we will be able to verify all the applications and characteristics of our car without having to take our hands off the wheel. Concentration is the most important thing when driving, so having a system in our vehicle that prevents us from losing concentration while driving is a great technological innovation of the future.

Integrated Voice Systems in Cars are an Example of Technological Innovation

One of the most innovative, and famous, virtual assistance voice control systems has been Alexa. However, to enjoy all its specifications, it could only be used at home. But, this has now changed.

This type of technology has made inroads into the automotive sector. Advanced voice systems, like Alexa, can find a way to improve the driving experience. Not only do they provide comfort, but also safety, since many tasks can now be performed without having to move from the seat of your car. Users can extend Alexa’s capabilities by installing other applications from the central app, and they can also create routines to automate their smart devices based on a voice commands, time, or location.

The future will be filled with technological advances such as voice control systems. Being able to use Artificial Intelligence to ensure user safety is a feature that many companies promise to offer their customers.

A Futurist Keynote Speaker about the Next Trends in Automotive

The integration of connected voice systems in cars will change the way you drive forever. Do you want to leave the house without lifting a finger? Just say, “Alexa, open the garage”, and watch the door open before your eyes. If you watch any of my futurist keynotes, you will realize that these topics are extremely relevant to me. As a futurist keynote speaker, I find it necessary to keep up with the trends in the automotive industry, emerging technologies, and everything that concerns the future.

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