Beyond Coronavirus – The Future of Business by Vito Di Bari

As each new year begins, companies and investors prepare to welcome the weeks and months ahead with excitement. Everyone makes plans for the coming year, working to avoid setbacks in their business. However, no one could have predicted what was to come this year. The future of business has always been a recurring theme in my futurist keynotes, and although some things have now changed, the goal remains the same: to achieve success.

The Arrival of the Coronavirus and Its Effect on the World Economy

When 2020 began, our lives took a 180-degree turn as a virus paralyzed our planet. This pandemic put markets, productivity, and the economy on hold. Closures forced us to stop and reflect and to start again.

Companies had to resort to uncommon but necessary measures in order to stay afloat. However, what most people don’t realize is that many of these measures had already been implemented in the past by companies that had evaluated not only the immediate future, but also the distant one. Those who were the first to take risks and try new methods are now leading the current markets.

Business and the New 20s   

The 1920s was a time of great upheaval, characterized by significant progress in science and medicine, substantial economic change, and a booming and then crashing stock market. The decade marked a change in peoples’ lives and habits, and in business and the economy.

The fact that the 20s in our current century have gotten off to a turbulent start as well does not mean that we will follow in the footsteps of the 1920s. This time, we are more prepared to move forward and to continue in a positive direction. 2020 is the beginning of everything.

The Future of Business and Technology                          

When we recover from this recession, we will see how recovery once again begins with the rise of an emerging technology – this time with Artificial Intelligence. Our lives will start to fill with objects like robots and connected holograms, self-driving cars and drones, 3D printers, augmented lenses, and connected jewelry, and thousands of other objects from the Internet of Things.

We must accept and adapt to these things as we develop new business models, because in this way we will create a new future. It will be a future of business that is filled with advanced technologies and interactive experiences to keep consumers always on the edge of their seats.  

A Futuristic Keynote on What Will Happen Beyond the Coronavirus

It’s time to increase talent searches, research and development, and customer relations. It’s time to invest in digital transformation and to embrace emerging technologies. Beyond the Coronavirus there will be a new business renaissance. After the recession, the economy will start to grow, production and consumption will increase, and markets will boom once again. As a Futurist Keynote Speaker, I know that emerging technologies will become part of our new normal. We must update our ways of living and being – the future is already here

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