Everything you need… on wheels by Vito Di Bari

In recent years, the digital transformation of retail in the automotive industry has made significant changes, and the future will be no different. The future will be full of technological advances that will allow us to speed up the acquisition of products and services so that the quality of life can be much better. Many people believe that this could poorly affect society, but technological advances seek to help society and reduce the discomfort, illness, and accidents that could occur.

Taking this into consideration, Ikea has taken a step into the future with its new Space10.

Ikea is one step forward into the future of retail and automotive

IKEA’s research and design lab, Studio 10, has been using autonomous vehicle technology, and augmented reality, for surprisingly creative purposes, giving us a glimpse of the future. There will be a day when, thanks to companies like Ikea, we can get the products and services we want, wherever we are, without having to move—this will be the new future. This does not mean that we will become hermits, only that we will have the facility to acquire things when we do not have the possibility to get them ourselves. This is what we call digital transformation.

Spaces on Wheels is the new IKEA app that gives you the power to order 7 different services to be delivered autonomously right to where you are. After checking the delivery time on Spaces on Wheels, you’ll see an augmented reality option available, so you can select the exact location you want it to be parked in. Services include: a cafeteria, clinic, hotel, and office. The ability to intertwine retail, home, and automotive in one single service is a great example of what the future will bring.

The future is coming on wheels

The union of the best features of the automotive and retail sectors has achieved great things in the past. And it will continue to do so in the future. For that reason, it is a true statement to say that the future is coming on wheels, and it is coming fast. In a short time, we will have the products and services we need every day at our fingertips, thanks to the best and newest technologies, emerging every day. We live in a digital era where we seek excellence and unique, innovative experiences that increase our quality of life.

Enjoy a Futurist Keynote Speaker that truly understands the future

Not everyone receives this kind of innovation with open arms, but we should. Yes, by being a futurist keynote speaker, I find these kinds of technologies really useful, and necessary, but it is important that most of the world accepts them. We have to change the way we see life and, as a company, change our business models to adapt to what is to come. The automotive and retail industry will continue to work together to offer us the best technological innovations on the market. Are we ready to embrace the future and everything that comes with it?


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