Virtual Reality in Retail Experience Marketing by Vito Di Bari

Companies have always sought ways to keep up with current trends. They do this constantly to be able to adapt quickly to their surrounding environment. In the past, South Koreans also enjoyed an incredible experience from The North Face, where they literally flew through the air to win a McMurdo jacket. Well, this time they got a big surprise again, only slightly different.

Buyers’ experiences at this store will never be boring, and that’s exactly what keeps people coming back. Want to know more? Follow me.

The Combination of Virtual Reality and Experience Marketing

Virtual reality is one of the most useful emerging technologies. It is not only innovative but also very useful. Virtual reality allows users to visualize different scenarios while interacting with fully digital content, allowing for complete immersion. When we join these technologies with the real world, the mix is wonderful.

This time, South Korean shoppers were expecting to enjoy a virtual experience where they would feel as if they were on a sled. However, The North Face had another idea in mind. After removing the virtual reality glasses from participants, they revealed real dogs in front of them that would start pulling the sled around the place in order to finally get the famous McMurdo jacket.

This kind of innovative experience, where the virtual is mixed with reality, is what makes us even more excited about the future. 

The Digital Transformation and its Influence on Retail

With the arrival of the most advanced technologies, we have been able to observe how new business opportunities are emerging. In addition, we have been able to perceive how the digital transformation has been influencing the way retail is done. The new generation is much more demanding, so the current business models have had to change and evolve, adapting to the needs of customers. Not only that, but they also had to update in order catch up with technology, due to its power to create unique and unforgettable experiences like the one presented above.

A Futurist Keynote Where the Central Theme is Retail

Talking about topics such as technology in the future is one of the central arguments in my futurist keynotes, but I am aware that the future is more than that. To be able to carry out an experience as innovative and unique as that of The North Face is, for me, one of the best examples of how technology and reality are the best allies for retail. When we take what we have and transform it into an innovation, then we are demonstrating that we are one step closer to the future. Today, companies have had to re-evaluate themselves and adapt to new trends in order to not be overtaken by the competition. This can be successfully achieved by modifying our business models and understanding that we must keep our customers happy, while also keeping up with new technologies.

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