The Garage of the future by Vito Di Bari

The saying goes, “in unity is strength”. But why is this true? Well, simply because the sum of two industries, like the automotive and construction industry, can accomplish wonderful things. Being able to work together allows companies to create ideas that can benefit everyone and that, at the same time, are innovative ideas.

As we have seen in recent years, cooperation between industries will be a necessary property in the future. This time we will learn a little more about what the garage of the future will look like as presented by Hamilton Scotts, Singapore’s most amazing new apartment building.

How will technological innovations in the construction and automotive industries change the future?

One of the trends we will see in the future will be the use of technology to simplify people’s lives. With this in mind, the creators of the beautiful Hamilton Scotts building in Singapore have come up with a wonderful innovation that has left everyone excited. Imagine getting out of work, getting in your car and driving home, but instead of parking your car in a parking lot out of sight, you can park it in your own home. What this innovative idea proposes is an automatic metal grille that lifts the car to the exact floor where the resident lives. Finally, the car slides into its owner’s living room, where we see a totally atypical two-car garage behind two panes of glass. Isn’t that awesome?

Are you ready for an out of this world futurist keynote?

Preparing futurist keynotes is something I’ve always been passionate about, because the future is so unexpected, and unpredictable, that we’ll never know what it will be like. Being a futurist keynote speaker with years and years of experience, I can easily predict what the future might look like in the year 2030. However, this does not mean that I am not surprised by the new innovations that appear every day.

Usually, apartments have the disadvantage that we cannot take care of our cars 24/7. So, when I found out about this great idea of bringing the garage into your own living room, I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, keeping us safe is one of the best ways to feel like we have a good quality of life. And, the future is ready to continue bringing us more and more innovations and advances, to ensure that we all lead the life we deserve.

In the future our craziest ideas will become reality

As automation becomes a large part of our lives, our most impossible ideas will soon become reality. That’s the wonderful thing about the future. Although we currently feel that the world is coming to a complete halt, what we don’t know is that the most original and creative ideas are beginning to take shape in the minds of those who are ready to move forward. The future is a concept that not many can visualize, for this reason I have prepared a wide variety of futurist keynotes and virtual events. The idea is that, together, we can stay afloat and move forward. Time doesn’t stop, it keeps moving fast and we can’t let it slip away

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