From the First Mobile Phone to the New Digital Era by Vito Di Bari

Changes are mysterious. When we look at the past, we always think about how we could subsist without cell phones, the internet, and today’s technology. However, when we see that the future will be full of augmented reality, connected robots, artificial intelligence, and more, we cannot even imagine it as something real.

We can usually tell when new products and services are appearing in our lives, but when we least expect it, these innovations are already part of our daily lives. The world has changed so much in the last 200 years, and that’s because technological transformation has always been around. This will not change, the future will be even fuller of technological innovations that will leave us speechless.

The Evolution of the Digital Era

When the first mobile phone was born, our lives were completely different from what we have now. And, they will be even more different in the future. The digital era has evolved more and more over the years because we will always have to adapt to innovations. When the first mobile phone appeared, people were used to receiving calls only on their home landline. Now, we cannot imagine our lives without having a smartphone in our pockets.

The New Trends of Emerging Technologies

With the advent of new technologies, new business and marketing strategies emerged. Companies have discovered that there is no better ally than emerging technologies and that, by joining other sectors, they can achieve success much faster.

Over time, we have moved all communications to the mobile phone. Then we moved to sending e-mails on our smartphones without having to turn on a computer. Then, businesses began to join online systems, allowing us to pay for our products from an online platform. And so on… little by little we have evolved.

The current trends definitely revolve around the use of technology as a way to facilitate and organize our tasks. In this new era, the digital transformation has become a necessity, and will be evolving more and more. Not only will products and services evolve, but so will our way of thinking and acting.

An Interaction with the Audience by Futurist Keynote Speaker Vito Di Bari

When I talked to my audience about this topic at my futurist keynote, many were surprised by how little information they had about the past. When asked about when the first mobile phone was created, many gave unspecific dates while trying to remember the past. Only one person could give me a complete answer. However, she revealed that she had gotten the answer on her own smartphone. This confirms that, although in the past it was a completely new device, it is now the solution to many of our problems.

As a keynote speaker, specifically as a futurist keynote speaker, I find it fascinating how people today are so intertwined with technology but, at the same time, are skeptical if we tell them that our cars will drive themselves, that we will be able to get together via holograms, or that a robot will prepare our food. That will be the future, and we had better accept it, and welcome it with excitement, because it’s not going anywhere.

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