An Innovative and Fun Experience in South Korea by Vito Di Bari

XXP is the name I have given to the newest experiential trend in retail. Why did I give it that name? Well, because these occurrences are giant, unique, and original experiences full of innovation. Experience marketing tells us that the more special the experience, the more successful it will be.

As a company, we must always look for ways to allow users to identify with our brand, or at least know that we take them into account. When a brand decides to experiment with an interactive experience, the customer can see how important it is for the company to make sure the buyer has fun. This is definitely the new trend in retail. 

Experience Marketing is the Future of Retail

The new generation has evolved in a world full of technologies and unique experiences that surprise them every day, and this is what buyers in retail, and other industries, are looking for.

If we are able to prepare something special for users, leaving them with a fun story to tell their friends, it guarantees that people will come back and recommend the company’s products.

If there is one thing we have discovered in recent years, it is that the more original an experience is, the more fun the customers will have. In addition, this helps ensure that the experience will be shared through social networks, which can also generate an increase in social commerce sales. Everything we prepare as a means of advertising has the objective of increasing brand visibility and sales numbers.

South Korea hosted another Innovative Experience

South Korea has been a pioneer in the use of new technologies and new marketing models for many years. Therefore, it is the perfect setting to experiment with new ways of advertising brands in the retail industry. As an extremely innovative country, its inhabitants are used to being surprised by the craziest and most entertaining experiences.

When The North Face store decided to try something completely new and unique, shoppers were not disappointed. However, they never imagined that they would have to fly through the air in order to win a free McMurdo jacket. While some were a little scared, others embraced the experience and enjoyed it to the fullest. That’s what innovation and the future is all about.

The best Futurist Keynote Speaker of Next Gen Trends

Analyzing and studying the trends of the next generation is something that, as a futurist keynote speaker, I must do constantly. Not only because this allows me to give a forecast of where we are going, but because only with knowledge we can accept and embrace what the future holds. If you look up any of my futurist keynotes you will see that I always seek to update my audience on new trends in society, technology, and economics. “Knowledge is power”, and only by knowing can we keep up with the innovations that are appearing every day. Time does not stop for a second, we have to keep walking together to receive the future with open arms

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