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Virtual Reality in Retail Experience Marketing by Vito Di Bari

Companies have always sought ways to keep up with current trends. They do this constantly to be able to adapt quickly to their surrounding environment. In the past, South Koreans also enjoyed an incredible experience from The North Face, where they literally flew through the air to win a McMurdo jacket. Well, this time they […]

An Innovative and Fun Experience in South Korea by Vito Di Bari

XXP is the name I have given to the newest experiential trend in retail. Why did I give it that name? Well, because these occurrences are giant, unique, and original experiences full of innovation. Experience marketing tells us that the more special the experience, the more successful it will be. As a company, we must […]

South Korea Magical Wish by Vito Di Bari

Today, many companies have been in the spotlight thanks to their inventive marketing. In recent years, the trend has undoubtedly been towards experience marketing. When South Korea decided to try this option, the response from the public was extremely positive. Having the use of memorable experiences as a sales strategy can make consumers share their […]

The Big Prize in Santiago de Chile by Vito Di Bari

In Santiago, Chile, buyers were fortunate enough to live out one of the most incredible retail experiences we have ever seen. Imagine going into a supermarket to do your regular shopping and having the chance to win a prize so impressive you couldn’t believe it. This type of marketing is not only noticed on a […]

Magic took over New York City by Vito Di Bari

In this new digital era, companies are doing their best to keep up with new technological trends. Lately, the use of fun experiences has managed to excite everyone, helping companies to become more noticeable to future viewers’ eyes. New York City is a place where anything can happen and where magic can be seen on […]

Augmented Reality arrived to London by Vito Di Bari

Today’s technology has not only made our work life or daily life easier. It has also worked as the best method of advertising that exists today. Just imagine sitting at a bus stop and looking through the glass around you and seeing a giant monster or a spaceship landing on the street. Sounds extreme and […]

Antwerp Unlock: A movie experience by Vito Di Bari

Imagine this scene: You approach a vending machine for a soda and, when you least expect it, you end up running through the entire train station, dodging obstacles as if you were in an action movie. Sounds like fun, right? Well, this is what happened in Antwerp, Belgium when the Coca-Cola Company teamed up with […]

Essex Sleepover: A one of a kind sleepover by Vito Di Bari

The Future and Business Opportunity Trends Today, business owners are looking for, and implementing, new ways to keep up with sales trends. A good marketer knows that adapting to marketing innovations is the key to staying afloat despite the difficulties that may arise. Following the next trends in retail is the key. Making significant changes […]

Amsterdam Push: The Drama Button by Vito Di Bari

The TV station TNT placed a red button in Amsterdam. An eye-catching arrow floated over the button that said, “Press to add drama.” This minimal setup was all that attracted pedestrians. Join me in this dramatic experience! Very few people dared to press the button as most individuals simply passed by; however, for the people […]

A baby experience larger than life by Vito Di Bari

Are you ready for the future? If the answer is no, then you’re wrong! The future is already here, we see it in every technological innovation that appears daily, in the use of drones, virtual assistance and the improvement of retail. The future and innovation is in every step we take. Retail companies have been […]