The Big Prize in Santiago de Chile by Vito Di Bari

In Santiago, Chile, buyers were fortunate enough to live out one of the most incredible retail experiences we have ever seen. Imagine going into a supermarket to do your regular shopping and having the chance to win a prize so impressive you couldn’t believe it.

This type of marketing is not only noticed on a large scale, but also allows for a close relationship between the customer and the brand, which is exactly what new generations are looking for in the future. If we want to achieve success in the future, it is time to present new business models. The use of technology, innovative experiences, and social commerce will achieve positive results in the future.

Why has retail started to apply innovative experiences?

If there is one thing retailers have realized, it is that advertisements and offers are no longer enough. Customers now require original experiences that imprint brands and products into their memory. Innovative experiences generate true sensations in customers, making them become loyal to the products they offer.

It is necessary to carry out actions that allow for the construction of a one-on-one connection with buyers. And, this can be achieved through innovative and creative experiences. Using the newest technological trends can help, but that touch of creativity and originality will always be necessary, to be able to get people’s attention.

A Futurist Keynote Speaker about the Next Trends in Retail

The experience that happened in Santiago, Chile was so innovative that even a futurist keynote speaker like me was impressed. The Heineken Company not only gave shoppers the opportunity to have a fun experience, but in the end, the lucky winners got to travel to see the showdown between two famous soccer teams: Real Madrid and Atletico de Madrid.

In my futurist keynotes, it has become a habit to talk about the next trends in retail. Being able to guide new generations into the future, and inform past generations of new developments, is as important as any other job. To be a futurist keynote speaker, it’s necessary to know how the industry moves and the changes that are generated over time in order to be able to specifically analyze where we will go in the future.

The Marketing of the Future

The marketing of the future is marked by the experiences of the consumer, which is why it is known as Experiential Marketing. If this type of strategy is used correctly, we can take an ordinary day and make it extraordinary and special. A vital feature of these strategies is that, in the end, the consumer leaves happy, knowing that they had a great time. In this case, Heineken also chose to give the winners an unrivalled prize. This type of marketing not only allows for a much closer connection with customers, but will also cause a significant media impact. The interaction between the company and the client can lead to a high-level of trust, attracting new customers who are curious about what is to come. It is definitely the best way to advertise in the present and the future.

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