The Future of Construction will have Nanomaterials by Vito Di Bari

In order to evolve along with the world, the construction industry has been adopting new technological trends that have appeared in recent years. Using artificial intelligence and augmented reality as construction and design methods has been an important step for many. However, there are other types of impressive, futuristic innovations that can allow us to make great strides in the industry. One such innovation is the use of nanomaterials.

What are nanomaterials and why are they important for the future?

Many areas of construction have begun to use these types of materials, but what exactly are they? In nature there are nanoparticles generated from materials such as carbon and silver. However, the main characteristic of nanomaterials is that they are less than 100 nanometers in size. 

Currently, there is something known as nanotechnology where these types of materials are used to create technological innovations that improve the quality of work in diverse industries. As the world evolves, more and more nanomaterials are being produced. Nanotechnology will use these materials to create products, and devices, so innovative that they will be used in various industries.

The new innovation wave in the construction industry of the future

Caltech professor Julia Greer has work on an incredibly strong, super-lightweight nanopolymer. This nanomaterial has a truly unique strength-to-weight ratio. The recent wave of technological innovation shows us that the future of the construction industry will be incredible. These nanomaterials will make it easier to create buildings and improve machinery in order to simplify construction tasks.

Nanomaterials could achieve this and much more thanks to the incredible properties they bring to science and technology. This type of innovation seems futuristic but what we do not realize is that, in reality, it is much closer to us than we imagine.

How the use of nanotechnology will change the future

Nanotechnology will change our lives and allow us to have a future full of technological innovation. For example, foldable telephones and television screens are being designed as we speak. As for the construction industry, nanomaterials will allow us to have walls that, instead of being painted, will be made up of screens where our favorite films can be projected.

A Futurist Keynote about the Next Construction Technologies

In my futurist keynotes on The Next Construction TechnologiesI try to show the audience something they cannot imagine at this time. A clear example of this is the use of nanomaterials as a raw material in construction. The flexibility and strength of these nanopolymers will significantly change the way we see the future. As a futurist keynote speaker, I know that not everyone has the ability to see beyond what is in front of their eyes. But the future expands far beyond our field of view, meaning we must strive to look at it now, so as not to miss out on all that it has to offer.

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