Magic took over New York City by Vito Di Bari

In this new digital era, companies are doing their best to keep up with new technological trends. Lately, the use of fun experiences has managed to excite everyone, helping companies to become more noticeable to future viewers’ eyes.

New York City is a place where anything can happen and where magic can be seen on every corner. For that reason, Umbra Penumbra magic shop wanted to show everyone that they are the best by bringing Disney’s magic to life.

The retail industry has shown that interaction with the public is necessary. Something as simple as using a game of silhouettes put Umbra Penumbra in the spotlight. By taking on characters loved by all, specifically Disney characters, the store managed to captivate both children and adults.

Marketing strategies trends in Retail

Having a good marketing strategy can guarantee that a business will be successful. The importance of this type of trends is vital since retail needs the attention of potential buyers to increase its sales.

In the future we will see many more fun experiences like this one which took place in New York City. The main reason for this is that modern generations require something very astonishing to capture their attention. This new digital generation is modern and much harder to please. Now is the time to start changing marketing strategies, before the future overtakes us.

An experience full of Innovation: Disney took over New York                                                

Now, imagine your favorite Disney characters coming to life before your eyes. New retail trends have shown that through creativity, and art, we can stimulate consumer curiosity. An example of this was observed in New York City, where some lucky people didn’t have to imagine their favorite Disney characters, but instead enjoyed their own personal show.

All this was possible thanks to the fun innovation presented by the magic shop Umbra Penumbra. Without suspecting it, people who were walking in the mall saw the shadows of famous Disney characters imitating their movements as they passed by the store’s bright windows. Once everyone realized what was happening, that’s when the real fun began.

The Next Generation needs Innovative experiences

Something I have always mentioned in my futurist keynotes is the fact that the next generation is much more demanding. Having been born into a digital boom, young people are looking to be impressed every day with new technological innovations or through incomparable experiences.

Technological advances in conjunction with this new generation are driving industries to be at the forefront of all current trends.

The Retail industry is well-known by Futurist Keynote Speaker Vito Di Bari

Being a futurist keynote speaker, I like to keep up with the new marketing trends that are emerging every day. This allows me to study the curve that is generated from the present to the future, through every variation that appears. The most notable changes that have been seen in recent years are the use of special technologies to create interactive consumer experiences. The retail industry is one step closer to the future and knows that consumer interactions through advanced technologies can work wonders.

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