Graphene in Construction by Vito Di Bari

Nowadays, there are many innovative materials that we don’t even know about but that are extremely well recognized amongst scientists. Some of these incredible elements are already part of our daily lives and some will become the preferred materials of the future. This is the case with graphene. The latest trends in construction have already discovered the advantages it offers. If you want to live in a technological, but also sustainable future then this is how we can achieve it.

Uses of Graphene in construction

Graphene is a material whose thickness is nanometric, it’s almost transparent, and is approximately 100 times stronger than steel. This makes it very flexible, yet durable so it is perfect for the creation of solar cells, touch panels, and LED lighting.

It is composed of a grouping of carbon atoms and has incredible properties that offer great possibilities in terms of use. In the world of construction, graphene is becoming a trend due to the incredible benefits it can offer in sustainability.

The construction of Smart Cities has already begun

Building with materials that allow for sustainability is the priority of the new generation. Protecting the future at all costs is a new trend, and graphene is one of the few materials that will allow us to achieve this.

Smart cities will be those that take care of the environment and use what nature gives them to take care of the Earth. Many think that the future will only be about robots with Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality, but it is more than just that. The idea is to take all of today’s technological advances and use them to improve the quality of life in the future.

Benefits of Graphene for the future

Large construction companies are looking to use graphene in their construction work because of the incredible properties it offers. Because of its high thermal and electrical conductivity, graphene can be used to increase the use of renewable energy. By introducing this element in solar panels, there is a great possibility of increasing their efficiency.

Just as new generations are looking to be surprised, they are also trying to protect the world and create a better future. The fact that we have thought of covering solar panels with a material such as graphene indicates that we are thinking about the future and everything that is to come.

A futurist keynote about the construction trends of the future

As a futurist keynote speaker, and futurist virtual event speaker, I know that “if you snooze, you lose”. By this I mean that if we do not act now, then we will not be able to enjoy everything that the future has to offer. The key is not only knowing about new technologies, but also knowing what we can use in the present to innovate and take care of the planet. After many studies and tests, it has been shown that graphene will definitely allow us to have a more sustainable future.

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