South Korea Magical Wish by Vito Di Bari

Today, many companies have been in the spotlight thanks to their inventive marketing. In recent years, the trend has undoubtedly been towards experience marketing. When South Korea decided to try this option, the response from the public was extremely positive.

Having the use of memorable experiences as a sales strategy can make consumers share their memories with others. Also, this type of situation looks very good on social networks, where most of the new generations get information about their most desired products.

Experience Marketing will be a part of the Future of Retail

Experience marketing aims to create original experiences and an emotional bond with the customer, in order to sell products. This type of strategy focuses on the consumer 100%, and that is what sells today. These trends were born the day consumers became more demanding and curious. Being able to interact with the customer is a very bold and significant move. Whether through new technologies or through fun situations, taking into account the people who will buy the products is vital in retail and other industries.

How has South Korea become an innovative country?

In the case of South Korea, experience marketing has been seen especially in Seoul. Chilsung Cider set up a curious vending machine where, when ordering a lime soda, shoppers were spun around to the other side of the wall. There, they would encounter a huge trampoline to participate in a mission of jumping for 30 seconds to get the soda they wanted. In the end, a lot of lights and confetti turned the moment into a fun and special experience. This kind of experience made Koreans feel both special and happy. And that’s the most important thing these days.

The Retail Industry around the World  

According to some studies, today’s consumer will only be captivated by those companies that, apart from a good quality product and service, offer him/her a personalized and dynamic treatment. The new generations belong to the digital era and are looking for something much more exciting than just going to the store and buying a soft drink.

Just being able to spend 30 seconds of their time jumping, to get something as simple as a soft drink for free can make the difference between choosing a specific brand. This doesn’t mean that all sales should be like this, but that the surprise factor is vital to keep consumers on the edge of their seats waiting for the next creative and wonderful idea.

A Futurist Keynote Speaker on Customer Experiences

One thing I have learned over the years as a futurist keynote speaker is that the world changes and evolves rapidly. It is necessary to always be up to date with the new trends in retail, so that we do not get lost in a sea of easily forgotten companies and enterprises. In this new digital era, it is important that we make good use of emerging technologies. We must also take into account the wishes of consumers and the new generations because they are the future. Using strategies such as experiential marketing can allow us, as a company, to always keep up with the latest trends. We must stand out from the competition and accept that the future is only one step away from the present.

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