Pod Skyscrapers by Vito Di Bari

Something we all already know is the fact that technology advances, and evolves, rapidly every day. All sales and manufacturing sectors are aware that using the most innovative technologies will allow them to grow and the construction industry is not an exception. The constructions of the future will be technological and different, that it will completely change the way we build and design our homes.

For that reason, the Pod Vending Machine skyscraper aims to show us that the future must be full of sustainable ideas. This, generates a strategy to solve the demand and speculation of housing in big cities.

The Future within a Vending Machine

The Pod Skyscraper is like a home vending machine. According to its creator, Malaysian architect Haseef Rafiei, this project is inspired by Japan’s automated culture, as well as its advances in robotics and compact lifestyle. Rafiei suggests that the apartments in the skyscraper would be built using large, high-quality 3D printers.

Japan’s minimalist lifestyle makes this type of construction easily adaptable to its culture. This innovative skyscraper of the future would print modular houses for buyers, and distribute them with a crane as if it were a vending machine. If this doesn’t sound like technological innovation, then what is?

The Next Technology Trends in Construction

The smart cities of the future will seek to make buildings sustainable in order to minimize the economic problems that may arise. While we see this type of housing as futuristic and expensive now, in the future, it will be the best way to allow more people to have a home in the city.

This innovative futurist construction concept was designed to fit the needs of the city’s inhabitants. The best part is that all the construction waste that is generated can be recycled and reused for the creation of other modular houses. Because, in the future, awareness for the planet will not disappear.

A Skyscraper Capsule is the New Future

Currently, one of the industries that has the greatest impact on the ecosystem is construction. Due to the high consumption of energy, water, wood, and other raw materials, it has been the cause of up to 30% of the world’s solid waste. For this reason, the best construction and architecture companies have begun to ally themselves to work together on the concept of sustainability. This will achieve a balance between the economic, social, and ecological sectors. 

Futurist Keynote Speaker on Construction Trends

Preparing a futurist keynote on construction trends requires not only a lot of research, but also a good understanding of what this sector is all about. Analyzing these types of innovations is vital, since not everyone is aware of the changes that are occurring now, and will guide us into the future. As a futurist keynote speaker, I share with my audience all the innovations and technological advances that will enable us to improve the quality of people’s lives in the future. If you are ready to get up to date and learn about new construction technologies, then stay with me and don’t miss out on all that is to come.


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