Augmented Reality arrived to London by Vito Di Bari

Today’s technology has not only made our work life or daily life easier. It has also worked as the best method of advertising that exists today. Just imagine sitting at a bus stop and looking through the glass around you and seeing a giant monster or a spaceship landing on the street. Sounds extreme and crazy, right?

Well, extreme is the new trend in retail.

What Pepsi did in London is what we call INNOVATION

This time the lucky ones were the Londoners who enjoyed the fun and extreme publicity prepared by the international company PEPSI. The process was simple: take an ordinary experience and turn it into an extraordinarily futuristic and innovative one. All through the best technology.

By using very high quality screens, they managed to redesign the view of the bus stop to look just like the real street. But that’s not all, when someone sat down at the bus stop the screen started showing images of unexpected and unusual events.

Many felt a little afraid, but when they discovered the truth, they enjoyed the experience completely. And this was all thanks to augmented reality.

The Future of Retail includes Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has managed to invade every space on the planet for good. For almost a decade, companies in the retail industry have been one step closer to the future by enjoying the benefits that this new technological trend has brought in recent years. Augmented Reality is an incredible technological resource that offers its users unique interactive experiences by combining the virtual and physical dimensions.

Technology trends in marketing

Pepsi used augmented reality by projecting on a large screen an image superimposed on the physical environment to give the impression of seeing the real world. It is important to know that Augmented Reality can help in many areas. Not only that, it will open up infinite possibilities compared to other technologies by being extremely efficient and necessary. Isn’t this tremendously innovative and technological?

Augmented Reality Speakers? Vito Di Bari is the best Futurist Keynote Speaker for this subject

When preparing my virtual keynotes I get excited to be able to share all the technological innovations that will give the rest of the world an idea of what the future will look like. Every futurist speaker should always be up to date on what new technological trends are in the making. Yes, technologies like augmented reality may be at a level beyond the norm but don’t have to be scare of it. Taking advantage of all the benefits we can get from it is the best way to adapt to what is to come. Because the future is here and now is the time to revive the economy and new marketing and business models.

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