Drones and its benefits in Construction by Vito Di Bari

Usually, when someone hears the word “drones” they think of innovation and technology of the future. However, the existence of drones dates back to the 1920s. Of course, the design, use, and effectiveness were very different back then. Today, drones are synonymous with technological innovation and futuristic advances because of the many benefits they offer us.

The truth is that the futuristic aspect of drones comes from the incredible uses that are being given to them, in addition to the innovative characteristics that the new models have been showing.

Drones are the Next Tech Trends

Not many people know exactly what a drone is. Many confuse it with a sort of airplane, but its true definition is definitely far from that. We can define a drone as a vehicle that is controlled by remote control.

This device uses the turning force of the engines attached to the propellers to lift itself. There are several types of drones, and the best way to differentiate them is by the number of propellers they contain.

In short, drones have gained a lot of attention in recent years. Without knowing it, they soon became the next technological trend and are used for various tasks. This time, the benefits of drones in construction will be discussed. 

Benefits of Drones in Construction        

Like all technological advances, drones are used to optimize various tasks and processes. This is exactly what happens in construction. Drones can assist considerably in the creation and execution of many construction processes by allowing easy monitoring of the entire construction site area.

The drones are able to quickly provide accurate views of large sites or risk areas. Also, and thanks to these devices, we can obtain three-dimensional models of places that, until recently, were difficult to access.

The Future of Construction will be full of Drones

As for the construction itself, sometimes unexpected situations can occur that can be difficult to handle. In these cases, the use of drones can be of great help since they can monitor and control the evolution and state of the construction place. With these flying devices, we will be able to document in a very graphic and visual way the whole process of the construction project. In addition, we will be able to share this data with all the interested parties in an efficient and fast way.

Vito Di Bari: A Futurist Keynote Speaker who understands the need for Drones   

If you are looking for a futurist keynote speaker who is aware of these kinds of innovations then you have come to the right place. I know that the current situation does not allow us to hold conferences where we can talk about the latest technological trend in the world of construction… but, that won’t stop us. The future is full of innovations and, taking advantage of these advances, I have prepared a series of virtual events to keep us up to date on the future. The drones will definitely be part of what we will know as Smart Cities. These devices have been able to adapt and evolve into the latest in building technology. If there is one thing we need to understand it is that technology is here to make our lives much easier. If we walk together into the future you will see that forward is where we need to go.


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