Automotive and Augmented Reality by Vito Di Bari

The automotive industry is definitely the one making the best use of new technological advances. Car companies know clearly that using these kinds of technological trends guarantees you a ticket to the future and success. Whether using extreme marketing experiences or highly advanced technologies such as Augmented Reality, the automotive industry is 100% innovative and knows that the future is already here.

The future is Volvo and HoloLens

Volvo is one of 10 companies that have already started working with HoloLens. By using Augmented Reality, this technology uses interactive holograms of our reality where you can see an improvement in the design and manufacture of the vehicles. The technology it provides is so futuristic that, with just a snap of the fingers, the car in front of you can change the color, the chassis design or it can show you its engine. It is, without a doubt, one of the most innovative mixed reality devices.

By presenting its cars through such technology, Volvo shows that it is aware of the technological trends that are currently on the move.

Augmented Reality is changing the game of sales

Using Augmented Reality while showing products and services is a very innovative move. This shows that, not only are they up to date with the trends in their area, but they are also able to use all the tools possible to reach the largest possible audience and investors.

In the case of Volvo, using augmented reality glasses allows them to show what changes their cars may or may not have. In addition, the glasses are just as useful in the factory for training employees and improving production.

Volvo was also smart enough to join another large company because, as they say, “strength lies in unity”. Microsoft HoloLens and Volvo merged so that they could knock everyone out. This too is undoubtedly a bold and innovative move.

Futurist Keynote Speaker, Vito Di Bari, and his prediction on Automotive

As a Futurist Keynote Speaker, I have always thought that the automotive industry is one step closer to the future. Thanks to their boldness, and their willingness to try new experiences, car makers have been able to expand the scope of their business to such a level that they are becoming a trend.

Volvo has demonstrated that it is capable of handling such advanced technology as holograms to its benefit, and that says a lot about how advanced and evolved the automotive industry has become today.

The Digital Transformation of the Automotive Industry

Using Hololens is a new way of showing new car models to investors and customers. Just imagine being able to enjoy an innovative shopping experience. Being able to observe the car and make modifications on the spot thanks to holograms. If this isn’t innovation then I don’t know what is. To say that the Automotive Industry is already part of the future is not a mistake. It proves it every day with the innovations it uses to its advantage along with extreme and creative buying and selling experiences. This is the future, and they already know it. Are you ready to join them?

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