Self-Deployable Homes by Vito Di Bari

The construction industry has been evolving exponentially over the years. In the last few decades, construction companies have sought ways to improve not only the building process, but also to innovate with every step they take. One of the main characteristics of the future is that we will have Smart Cities. These will not only be driven by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality, but will also feature a wide variety of innovations in the field of construction. This will offer people the possibility of enjoying a good quality of life in general, because, there is nothing like home.

The Mobile Homes of the Future Will be Full of Innovation           

In many countries, the creation of mobile homes has recently increased by considerable amounts. This type of property has the advantages of being quick to acquire and relatively economic in comparison to regular houses or apartments.

For that reason, the construction industry has invested in this type of housing to make it even more innovative. With the emerging technologies of recent years, the possibility of modifying mobile homes into futuristic properties has become much more common. In the future, they will no longer be simple and cheap houses, but a symbol of innovation, technology, and economy.

The Future of the Manufacturing Industry Lies in Mobile Homes.

There is a new version of mobile homes that has left everyone amazed, and that is the self-deployable. This idea is not new, however, these new and innovative models, and the idea of being able to perform the action at the touch of a button, it is very new.

One of the benefits of this building innovation is that they offer the opportunity to function as a holiday spot or as temporary housing at festivals. In addition, they can be used as offices, mobile clinics, and even shelters.

This innovative creation came from the minds of Ten Fold engineers, who specialize in making folding structures. Thanks to new technologies, they were able to make a house the size of a container double its initial size. This will definitely be part of our everyday life in the future of smart cities.

A Futurist Keynote Speaker and his prediction about the Future of Construction

Making predictions about what the future will be like is one of my jobs. In my futurist keynotes I always talk about the most innovative ideas in the market, in order to keep my audience updated with the new technological trends in construction. This kind of creations has put the construction industry a step forward into the future. Companies like Ten Fold are the ones that seek to innovate every day without stopping to think if it will be something difficult or not. For that reason, although we are in a complicated time, we must keep our minds open and ready to prepare the most useful and creative ideas. The future will be full of products, services and experiences that we can’t even imagine, but we have to try. Let’s put our imagination to work and adapt to new trends.

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