My Mother And Facebook By Vito Di Bari

Facebook is a platform full of surprises. I never imagined that, among the millions and millions of users, I would run into my own mother on my FanPage! In my keynote “My Mother and Facebook” I tell you this funny story about how I discovered my 84 year old mother surfing and socializing on Facebook, it is an experience that not only changed my life, but also opened my eyes to a new world of knowledge. 

The influence of social networks on generations

One of the main changes that social networks generated in our day to day is the need to keep us informed of all the news, changes, fashions and trends in the world. Platforms such as Facebook allow us to follow groups or pages of interest that offer us the information we want at the time of the event. 

Also, these platforms completely changed the methods of communication among people. Before, if we wanted to know about someone, we would go and visit them. Nowadays, just by checking that person’s profile on their social networks we are already in touch. 

Each generation uses social networks in its own way. From the Baby boomers, Generation X, Millennials, Generation Z, and those to come, they all use these platforms at some level. However, due to the rapidly changing technologies, not all generations adapt in the same way. According to statistics, users over 65 are the fastest growing group on Facebook. This shows how almost all age groups interact on social networks. 

Generation behavior in Social Networks 

Created in the early 2000s, Facebook and other social networks have become part of the lives of a couple of generations. Those who have grown up with the evolution of the digital age have a fairly advanced knowledge. However, the generations that grew up without these innovations have a little more difficulty in adapting to them. On the other hand, we are at the birth of a group of society that will grow as one with the internet and its forms of communication and social relationship.  

Generational trends and the use of Social Networks such as Facebook

Many of you may wonder, what is the most popular network in each generation? Well, some studies revealed that baby boomers spend most of their time on social networks like Facebook, Google + and Twitter.

Generation Z, on the other hand, frequents more social networks than the Millennials. The most visited networks they visit include Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr. While the Millennials are mainly concentrated in three major social networks: WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube.

Social Networks will be the protagonists of the future

As new generations will grow up in a world where mobile devices are at the core of interactions, social networks will become even more important in the future. However, the gap between generations remains wide. 

I discovered this with the story about my mother on Facebook, because with her I found out that for any generation there is another that can be accused of being digitally ignorant.

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