The Rule of 50 by Vito Di Bari

Future is a term that scares many but excites others. While thinking about the present in the most logical way to live life, it is important to think about and analyze the future. Not everyone has the right tools to easily adapt to what is to come. However, we must keep in mind that, although the future is already here, we still have time to prepare.

Success does not come overnight. We need to go through a long process of adaptation and recognition so that, in the end, we succeed in reaching our goals. 

Vito Di Bari: Futurist Keynote Speaker

As a futurist keynote speaker, I’ve always liked to study a little bit of everything. My keynotes are usually addressed to all those people who are looking for advice on how to adapt and prepare themselves to receive the future with open arms. Even in virtual events I get excited when I found people with a futurist mind.

And I applaud them… not everyone is ready nor mentally prepared to accept that they have to make certain changes in the way they run their business, and even their lives. For that reason, I like to use this saying “You snooze, you lose.”

That’s exactly what will happen with all those people who don’t take advantage of the day to day to update and improve themselves. Even I, as a Futurist Keynote Speaker, found a way to reach out to everyone who wants to listen to me by joining the world of virtual conferences.

Technological innovations: What is the Rule of 50?

Technological innovations do not happen overnight either. Just look at the first technological revolution. It took 50 years for steam to be successful in the UK, and the same thing happened with electricity. Total success only came years later – 50 years later. That’s what I call the Rule of 50.

I have put my whole being into studying technological phenomena over the course of time. I selected a 50-year timeline to show how the success curve moves and varies depending on the industry and the progress that has been made.

This evolutionary process has occurred with all the technological innovations that have exploded in the last few decades. From the railway system to the smart phone. And this process will continue to happen in the future.

The changes that will shape the future

The Rule of 50 will remain in force in the future because any change requires a time of improvement and adaptation.

Technological and social changes will come together as one in order to unite the world of machines with the human world. We must be prepared for when this moment reaches us completely, and I say completely because it is already here. Every day more and more technological innovations show us that the future is not far away from us. Yet, few are taking advantage of them. Those industries that improve every day and use new trends to their advantage are the ones that will be most successful in the future. So, what about you? Are you going to fall asleep or are you going to wake up and take advantage of what is to come?

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