Architectural Robots by Vito Di Bari

We’ve all seen movies like “I, Robot”. Many are frightened by the technology in these films, but others are excited to visualize what the future holds for us. Don’t get me wrong, nobody would want a horde of robots taking over the world. However, you have to extract reality from fiction and accept that these types of innovations are spectacular. And they’re here to stay.

Smart Cities are the Future

There is a well-known term in the world of futurists and that is “Smart Cities”.

Smart Cities are defined as “a type of urban development based on sustainability, capable of responding to the basic needs of institutions, businesses, and inhabitants, both economically and in terms of operational, social, and environmental aspects”.

There are numerous technological innovations that we can use in our favor to build a future that follows this definition. Any object that allows for the creation of this type of urban development should be evaluated and considered.

A good example is connected robots. In the world of architecture, robots have been used for many years. They have been evolving and offering solutions to various problems. For this reason, they are ideal for activities such as design and construction.

Arch Robots: The Technology of the Future

In construction, robots have been used to assist and improve the future in the placement of materials such as bricks. For that reason SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) was created. SAM is nothing more and nothing less than a robotic mason who has the advantage of laying bricks up to three times faster than any human.

But, don’t worry. Although very efficient, SAM needs a human partner to help prepare the work area, place the bricks in specific areas, and take care of the aesthetics of the construction itself. The process is considered to be the best union and relationship between the duo “man-machine”.

Construction Industry Futurist Keynote Speaker

As a futurist keynote speaker, I have always been fascinated by the ability of technology to impress us with these kinds of creations. The emergence of these new robotic technologies will drive architectural design and create trends in construction methods in the future. The use of this type of technology shows us that the construction of Smart Cities is starting little by little. And this is what I talk about in my virtual keynotes.

Innovation Trends in Architecture

The best thing about these new trends in architectural innovation is that they maintain the goal of being sustainable technologies by meeting current needs without compromising the future.

If we accept that the future is already here, and that these technologies are here to help us, then we will have no problem with these robotic innovations. Human beings will always be needed to carry out many tasks, so it is not necessary to feel threatened by robotics. On the contrary, it is time to learn more about it and know everything it has to offer.

Are you ready?

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