An Innovative Price Scanner of Taiwan by Vito Di Bari

Have you ever seen a car on the road and thought, “How much would a car like that cost?” I think we’ve all been there. We’ve all wanted to be able to check product prices instantaneously, but the reality is that this process can get a little tedious. However, new technologies have made such great strides that it will soon be possible to use a car scanner. You don’t believe me? Keep on reading!

Technology and the future of the automotive industry

Day after day, trends in buying and selling are evolving and changing dramatically. For this reason, industries are looking for ways to keep up the pace and adapt to what is to come. However, some companies adjust better than others, and they end up generating tactics and maneuvers that are very beneficial to both them and future buyers.

Today’s technological trends have pushed the automotive industry further into the future. From extreme shopping experiences, product showings, and car improvements, technology is in everything. And, thanks to the coverage of its services, it allows us to have endless opportunities to make a difference in a world where eye-catching services give us a ticket to success.

Next Trends Automotive: Price Scanner

The Taiwanese company, Kagulu, has shown that it is possible to scan cars and quickly display their price. This not only offers a fast evaluation of the product but also makes the process transparent.

For this reason, The Kagulu Price Scanner was created, a huge truck with a screen on one side that works as a scanner, obtaining images and offering the current, true price of each car that passes next to it. The Kagulu Price Scanner toured the streets of Taiwan to demonstrate how its system works.

However, technology is not everything. The company took advantage of the opportunity to give prospective clients a fun, custom-tailored experience. So much so, that even a little boy who stopped to look at the scanner got an on-screen comment declaring him “too cute”.

This was definitely an experience the Taiwanese will not forget.

Asian Countries are the center of innovation trends

We all know that Asia is one of the most innovative continents in every way, and its automotive industry has not been left behind. We have already seen a lot of technological creations that helped companies more completely intertwine with the customer. Because, if there is one thing to be sure of, it is that this buyer/seller relationship will never be replaced. It may change and evolve, but the central issue of the relationship between both will continue to be handled by those responsible for the company.

Vito Di Bari: a Futurist Keynote Speaker about Automotive and the Future

We know that the current situation does not allow for events to be held in order to show all these incredible innovations. However, just like the various industries of the world, we futurist keynote speakers also adapt to the present and the future. That’s why we’ve worked hard to share all the information we have about technological advances and trends through virtual keynotes. This way, we will never be left behind and you can have professionals on your virtual events. The world has not stopped, so neither have you. Come with me and let’s walk into the future .

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