Augmented Reality in construction by Vito Di Bari

When we think about the future we usually imagine flying cars, human-like robots, and holograms. And, we may not be far from that reality. However, this time I’ll talk to you about something closer to the present, and that’s augmented reality.

This new technological innovation allows a user to visualize parts of the real world through a technological device using graphic information added by the device. This type of technology has become a trend in various areas such as entertainment, medicine, and construction. As a futurist keynote speaker, I find this topic extremely relevant. For that reason, I decided to talk about it here, as well as in my virtual keynotes.

Digital Transformation and the Construction Industry

Digital transformation has been affecting all aspects of life on our planet for the last years. From smartphones to computers, to the rest of the objects in our homes, the digital transformation has made changes all over the world. Many industries have taken advantage of the new technological trends and the construction industry is not far behind.

This has been demonstrated by the creation of a technologically advanced construction helmet. This object will have screens where users will be able to analyze constructions with full-scale models. In addition, they will have the possibility of generating infinite solutions to the various problems that arise in the construction and design process. If this is not a futuristic technological innovation, then I don’t know what is.

Benefits of Augmented Reality in Construction

In my virtual keynotes on augmented reality, I talk about the benefits this device provides to the construction industry. Augmented reality allows us to transform reality by linking the virtual with the real world, this is useful in construction because it ultimately helps to simplify a variety of tasks. 

In the design phase, this technological innovation allows the incorporation of virtual elements into a real construction drawing, in order to see the final result of how a work in process will end up.

Who would not like to have an assistant of this type to speed up the construction process? 

Innovation Trends of the Future

These new technological trends show that the future is closer than we think, and that digital evolution does not stop. Augmented reality will not only allow us to establish a closer relationship in business, but will also be a great pillar in the construction and design of architectural works.

Futurist Keynote Speaker and technology in constructions

In every futurist keynote, or virtual event, talking about the advances of technology is the basis of a good discussion. The audience that enjoys these conferences knows that new trends must be adopted if we are to succeed. The future is already here and with it came a wave of innovation that absorbed even the construction world. But within all the technology, the protagonist this time is augmented reality. It strives to be a unique technology bigger than the sum of its parts, an amalgamation of reality and the virtual world existing as a whole. It’s a reflection of how the future itself will be.

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