Videogames in the automotive industry by Vito Di Bari

The futuristic world in which we live is characterized by surprise. Sometimes it feels like anything is possible. However, when we join words like “cars” and “video games,” we usually only relate them to fun and entertainment. For some reason, we limit their potential and do not see their impact on the world of sales and the future of the automotive industry. Some people have even stated that they learned the basics of driving by playing racing video games. Yes, this is possible, but it’s not what I want to talk about. There is much more to this relationship… many may not realize, but technological innovations come in the most unexpected places.

New automotive trends

Usually, when we think of “automotive trends” the first thing that comes to mind is the improvements or modern features that a car can have. However, that’s not all the term refers to. As a futurist keynote speaker, I have always wanted to learn about those extreme and creative innovations that make a company stand out from the rest. 

So when I discovered the incredible idea that the Smart car company had, I was very excited. Mixing games with sales is an extremely innovative and creative move that not everyone dares to make.

The New Automotive Trends that are invading the Digital world

The future of the automotive industry is here. Smart is one of the first companies to test such innovative technology. Today, their cars have unique features, one of which is their incredible braking and starting system. Like many other companies, Smart, decided to join reality with fiction, in order to take advantage of technology on the sales side. They were very smart and creative in taking a game as famous and loved as Pong and joining it to the actions of their cars through laser sensors. This way, customers could test their car’s brakes and have more fun than ever before. A real event of the Digital Age.

Currently, the challenge is for automotive companies to adapt to new technological trends and make a simple test drive an unforgettable experience. And what better way to do this than through a videogame?

The Digital Age and Smart Car Pong: A Video Game Made Real

A futurist can be defined as a person who studies the phenomena of the present and analyzes how they will be modified in the future. Being a futurist and academic keynote speaker, I’m aware of the innovations that appear every day. New automotive trends have become a recurring theme in my keynotes since technology is a basic pillar of the automotive industry.

By knowing and sharing new technological trends, such as the one created by Smart, I can reach a much wider and open-minded audience. Those people and companies that are willing to jump right into the future. Because even if you can’t swim, it’s always good to at least know as much about the ocean as possible.

Extreme and fun technological innovations for your virtual events

If there is one thing I have learned in all these years as a futurist keynote speaker, it is the fact that the most successful technological innovations are those that join extreme and fun experiences. By simply taking an old videogame to its advantage, a company like Smart took 10 steps into the future of new automotive trends. New business models and new marketing models need to be created. The train going forward never stops and it’s our job to hold on to the cars and not lose our way to success.

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