Technology in the Driver’s Seat… Literally by Vito Di Bari

In most of the tasks we perform in our day-to-day life, having an assistant to help us can make things much easier. For that reason, one of the latest trends in technology has been the creation of virtual assistants. Usually, these help systems are connected to our phones, and we can also connect them to […]

An Open Letter to the Events Industry by Vito Di Bari

At the beginning of 2020, people’s lives changed dramatically due to the arrival of the Coronavirus. This pandemic, and the confinement that came with it, brought the business world, work environments, and social advancement to a complete halt. However, there is a part of the population that has refused to stop, and instead, they are […]

The New Trend in Construction is Virtual Reality by Vito Di Bari

One of the most important characteristics in the construction sector is safety. Being able to count on qualified personnel, and on safe, efficient machinery is what will make the difference when it comes to building any type of structure. Nowadays, the use of the most innovative technologies has managed to maximize the quality of general […]

The Branded Automotive Experience by Vito Di Bari

There is nothing more entertaining than living a unique experience. That’s why many companies are starting to join together in order to present users with a mix of quality products, an enjoyable experience, and the opportunity to show more than one product at a time. We don’t usually associate a delicious meal with fashion accessories, […]

We Need a New Educational Model by Vito Di Bari

When I visited the Dominican Republic I was not only able to show the Dominican audience my projection of what the future will be like, but we were also able to analyze their economic, technological, and educational systems together. The digital transformation is different in each country, in theory everything has to do with the […]

Alexa-Integrated Vehicles by Vito Di Bari

Voice control systems in cars is not new to the industry. For almost two decades, some cars have had this type of system among their features. However, this feature has never been as efficient as it is now. Since the emergence of home voice systems, such as Siri and Alexa, the technological advances seen in […]

Beyond Coronavirus – The Future of Business by Vito Di Bari

As each new year begins, companies and investors prepare to welcome the weeks and months ahead with excitement. Everyone makes plans for the coming year, working to avoid setbacks in their business. However, no one could have predicted what was to come this year. The future of business has always been a recurring theme in […]

Everything you need… on wheels by Vito Di Bari

In recent years, the digital transformation of retail in the automotive industry has made significant changes, and the future will be no different. The future will be full of technological advances that will allow us to speed up the acquisition of products and services so that the quality of life can be much better. Many […]

Virtual Reality in Retail Experience Marketing by Vito Di Bari

Companies have always sought ways to keep up with current trends. They do this constantly to be able to adapt quickly to their surrounding environment. In the past, South Koreans also enjoyed an incredible experience from The North Face, where they literally flew through the air to win a McMurdo jacket. Well, this time they […]

The Garage of the future by Vito Di Bari

The saying goes, “in unity is strength”. But why is this true? Well, simply because the sum of two industries, like the automotive and construction industry, can accomplish wonderful things. Being able to work together allows companies to create ideas that can benefit everyone and that, at the same time, are innovative ideas. As we […]

From the First Mobile Phone to the New Digital Era by Vito Di Bari

Changes are mysterious. When we look at the past, we always think about how we could subsist without cell phones, the internet, and today’s technology. However, when we see that the future will be full of augmented reality, connected robots, artificial intelligence, and more, we cannot even imagine it as something real. We can usually […]

An Innovative and Fun Experience in South Korea by Vito Di Bari

XXP is the name I have given to the newest experiential trend in retail. Why did I give it that name? Well, because these occurrences are giant, unique, and original experiences full of innovation. Experience marketing tells us that the more special the experience, the more successful it will be. As a company, we must […]